Your end-to-end partner in digital transformation

User experience, interactions, wireframing & mockups. From online to print, complete brand development or mocking up your application idea, we work with your vision and turn it into a complete digital reality.

Full stack, front end, back end, servers, APIs, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu Phone. We have the experience and skills to build it right, the first time. We also take on failed projects and bring them back to life.

Mobile application development using cross-platform and native solutions. Support for iOS, Android, watch and TV apps. Integrating mobile devices with other technologies like bluetooth, geolocation and face recognition.

Subscriptions, coupons, bookings, conferences, events, SaaS. From the Buy button to your bank account, we can connect all the pieces to allow you to analyze, track and focus on conversions to maximize your online sales.

Need a custom application for a startup idea or a business workflow optimization. We take your requirements and help you through a proceed to develop the app into a real working solution.

Test plans, test cases, automation, fault analysis, performance, stability, regression, stress. Quality doesnÔÇÖt happen by accident, especially in software. We will help you deliver a quality product to the marketplace every time.

Requirements gathering is an essential part of every software development project. We take you through brainstorming, workflow creation, user roles definition, wireframing and clearing defining your solution needs.

A delicate recipe of agile, scrum, lean and water-fall project management methodologies. Our PM process helps eliminate risk from software projects and deliver excellence on time and below budget.

Your working solution needs ongoing features development, tweak support, bug fixes and maintenance. Our team is there for your around the clock to help with support & provide recommendations to improve your digital needs.


We make our clients look good!


8b Solutions' Delivery Stages

1. Understanding Requirements

Listing attentively to understand our clients is the first stage of every process. Grasping full understanding of your business, needs and current & future challenges.
  • Requirements gathering
  • Use cases
  • Indepth interviews
  • Journey mapping
  • Project Scoping

2. Solutions Recommendations

Scoping the project, creating technical architecture documenting and providing all the different solutions with pros & cons. Preparing project management for project start.
  • Prototyping
  • Technical Architecture
  • Project management
  • Sprint planning
  • Scope documentation
  • Cost estimations

3. Sprint & Implementation

Breaking down all the project into an agile sprint with stories and executing on them with daily deliverables, weekly demos and active feedback from the client.
  • Task breakdown
  • Continuous integration
  • Daily updates
  • Weekly demos
  • Risk management
  • Quality Assurance

4. Release & Retrospective

Release planning along with any required migration plans. Staging all production ready code to a production server and testing it to ensure everything is good to go live.

  • Migration plans
  • Regression Testing
  • Release engineering
  • Production Operations
  • Support
  • Retrospective & Improve

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